Who I Work With

I work with a wide variety of people and situations:

  • Those in transition
  • Executives building careers
  • Those who have health issues
  • Those who know why they are the way they are but can’t change

My key focus is supporting people in being on purpose, committed and leading lives fully and with dignity and integrity.

Who can benefit from my work? Anyone who wants to identify their natural strengths, transform self-limiting beliefs and habits, be on purpose, stay centered in the face of conflict, be able to request what is needed to continue to build a life that is in action and to create an offer that is powerful in the world.

Are any of these scenarios true for you?

Each of my clients brings a unique perspective and history, yet many of their challenges or situations are common in today’s world. Perhaps you can relate to some of these.

  • I can see in my daily life that I am not in my power. I am always wanting to make sure everyone else is taken care of except for me. I tend to not speak up because of fear of rejection. This keeps me small. How can I shift who I am so that I believe in myself and have faith in who I am?
  • When I am in a meeting at work I feel I have great ideas but don’t speak up, and then I am seen as a follower rather than a leader. How can I learn to speak up and be heard by the appropriate people so they see me as a real possibility?
  • I went through a divorce from a 30-year marriage and now I want to find a relationship that will not put me back into the same situation. How do I find a partner where I am creating a relationship that is satisfying and a co-committed partnership?
  • I’ve been in the corporate world for many years and was recently laid off from my position. I do not want to go back and feel it is time for me to do what I feel is my purpose. How do I structure my life so that I not only find my purpose but also able to make the money I need to take care of my responsibilities?
  • I have struggled for years about weight loss and exercise. I now have a health opportunity where I need to take command of my body and bring myself back into health. How do I stay committed in my weight loss and exercise program and build the wherewithal to recommit when I fall off the wagon?
  • I am enjoying my work today but I know that there is more to my life than working in this field. I want to start a new path that I can incorporate into my life while still working so that when the time comes I can shift into my purpose. How can I hold all these responsibilities and still be in action around my purpose?

Who I work best with

People who are drawn to somatic coaching and my work typically are those who understand the role of the mind, body and spirit. They are familiar with psychotherapy, body-centered healing, energy psychology or other work that involves the mind-body interplay.

Many of my clients have experienced early childhood trauma that has led them to seek assistance with life challenges. They understand that their body and mind used various defense mechanisms to protect them. They readily comprehend how their body assumed a “safety shape” that is with them today and how it is holding them back from being a big offer in the world or doing what they want to do.

Clients who are successful working with me often possess these characteristics.

  • They are genuinely searching for their power and committed to learning and growing into the power that they are in the world.
  • They are willing to become an advocate of their body and integrate their mind, body and spirit as a tool to put them on their purpose.
  • They are ready to shift or change who they are today by bringing in the aspects of body.
  • They are open to assessments and see them as a learning tool.

If you would like to start living in your full power and potential, I invite you to learn more about somatic coaching and how I work.

Please consider a complimentary session to explore working together.

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