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About Madeline


Madeline Wade is a certified Master Somatic Coach/Bodyworker with a private practice in Petaluma, California. She works with people who are in personal or professional transition.

She believes that to open the door to change or moving through a life transition, the body must become an advocate. She serves as a personal guide for those who are willing to build a body that can be in action — moving toward and actually doing what is meaningful in their life.

Madeline also mentors those moving into the somatic coaching profession.

Madeline has studied for more than 20 years at Strozzi Institute, where she earned her Master Somatic Coaching certification in 2002. As a somatic coach, she helps people reshape their bodies to increase their ability to be in action in the world and unlock their potential by integrating intellectual, emotional and physical components into embodied practices.

Her commitment to clients is to help them to build a "self observer" to support them in being a powerful instrument to face change in the world.

Her passion is guiding people to reach their full potential and live lives with joy. She supports them in identifying their natural strengths and transforming self-limiting beliefs and habits. She does this through deep understanding and relationship through the body.

Working one-on-one and in workshops, Madeline facilitates cultivation of the self by bringing in practices of somatics, more than 15 years of somatic bodywork experience, plus aspects of art, theater and ritual.

Madeline’s clients state that they have learned to harness their power and use it toward realizing their potential and personal goals. With Madeline’s experience and passion, they have a guide to being the powerful person they are meant to be.

She draws from her personal journey as well as 20 years of leadership in the corporate world. Madeline’s notable life experiences include being the first woman journeyman cabinet maker in the state of Virginia, serving four years in the United States Air Force, and experiencing more than 150 jumps out of a perfectly running airplane.

She is married to Mark Mooney, also a certified Master Somatic Coach. In their work together, they support couples in building language and practices that open the relationship for a path of growth.

My Story

I have had the opportunity to experience a diverse work life. I also grew up when life was in the “Leave it to Beaver” era, but my life was far from that. I believe that how I grew up and the shape I took on was an amazing teacher that opened doors I never would have gone through if my childhood had been different.

I always loved theater and felt it was a great escape to be “someone” else. I studied it in college and went on to do theater in my community. I also love to create with my hands, exemplified by being the first woman cabinet maker in Virginia. I did woodworking for about 10 years. Now my creative side lends to beading.

I have always wanted to be of service. I went through many jobs being that, but I was attached to someone else’s star, not my own. I would say I was never really happy.

I joined a women’s group for nine years and began to appreciate what it is to have support. I learned there were many others going through the same challenges I was facing.

I had gone through many years of therapy and knew why I was the way I was. But until I stepped on the path of Somatics, I did not know “how” I moved through this world. I was introduced into Somatics by Richard Strozzi Heckler, PhD.

It was very challenging to live in my body. My senses were numb, and understandably so with my history. I realized that to do this work I needed support. I had to do this on my own, but not alone. My husband was a great guide for me and I had a few close friends who were there for me – my tribe. It took a few years before I lived in my body and began to understand what I needed to do to keep coming back to the life I wanted.

Somatics brought me to the realization there was more. So much more. I remember when my teacher asked me, “When will you be happy?” I replied, “When I want to get up in the morning, I walk to work, and I love what I do.”

So here I am now — happy, walking to my beautiful work cottage, and loving my life. And I want to share this powerful work and path with the world.

I open the door and invite you in.


What clients say...

“When I think of Madeline, what stands out for me is how wise she is, which makes me feel safe with her. Her sessions are relevant to what it is I want to work on; I find her grounded in a no-nonsense kind of way.” –Susanna Lindblom

"I have been seeing Madeline Wade for somatic work, and I highly recommend her. After several different therapeutic modalities, the somatic work with her was a wonderful way to deepen my emotional awareness and integration. Madeline’s approach, using coaching and somatic awareness practices and techniques, fosters psychological growth even after years of personal work.  She also has been a role model and mentor, sharing her own experience and wisdom generously. She is a wonderful healer and teacher!" –Katrina Leathers