What Clients and Colleagues Say


The combination of Madeline’s loving presence, her healing touch, keen eye for what to encourage into life, and her well-earned wisdom produces powerful and actionable results for her clients. I unequivocally recommend her as a somatic bodyworker.

—Richard Strozzi-Heckler, PhD
Founder, Strozzi Somatic Work
Author of The Anatomy of Change and The Leadership Dojo

Madeline is deeply present and grounded in her somatic work with clients. She is a strong stand for those she supports, and rigorous in challenging beliefs and habits that get in the way. Her integrity is evident in her commitment to her own development, and her coaching has been very important to me in moving through several challenging situations. Highly recommended. —Doug Silsbee

Madeline radiates confidence and wisdom in her practice as a somatic bodyworker and coach. Her skills and competencies in this domain are exceptional. I have had the privilege of working with her one-to-one and observing her in a teaching capacity. She is a generous spirit and a stand for her clients stepping into their deeper selves. Working with Madeline is a joy! —Debra Niewald

I highly recommend Madeline as a somatic coach. She is wise, caring, insightful and creative in her coaching. I appreciate that she brings diverse domains of knowledge to her work and feel this yields excellent results. —Elizabeth B. Day

I have benefited greatly from having received somatic bodywork from Madeline. I highly and unconditionally recommend her to others. She is a talented coach committed to making a difference in the lives of her clients. I appreciate her gifted and healing hands as well as her compassion, intuition and wisdom. —Tom Bepler

I strongly recommend Madeline as a somatic coach. She brings to her work a depth of life experience, personal warmth, compassion and deep understanding that is unparalleled. For anyone considering somatic body work – run, don’t walk to her door. You will be glad you did. —Betsy Cole, Somatic Coach, Strozzi Institute

I have used Madeline as a coach. Her business background and coaching approach make an excellent combination. She has wise counsel, deep insight and is able to connect with a wide range of people. I highly recommend her as a somatic coach. —Laurie Albrecht

Madeline has an intuitive sense of the crux of the matter, and diplomatically evokes the essence of problems. She is completely ethical and trustworthy. Her creative approach to problem-solving allows each person to approach solutions in a way applicable to their own style. Three members of my family have worked with Madeline ~ with great results. I highly recommend her. —Jane Lott

Madeline's deep compassion, amazing hands, and exquisite listening make her an extraordinary somatic coach and bodyworker. I've found the sacred space she creates to be deeply healing and to create transformative openings for learning and change. She is a blessing to the world and I highly recommend her work. —Nancy Shanteau

When I first spoke to Madeline about Somatic Coaching, she said, "Anya, if you do your practices, I promise this will work for you." After working with Madeline only a few weeks my goal, to have a loving, satisfying partnership with a man, began to happen. I met a man with whom I have had the most open, communicative, loving and satisfying relationship I have had with a man.

Madeline's love of her work and her deep commitment to helping me empower myself to attain my goal has brought amazing results. The work we do together not only helps me maintain a healthy loving relationship with my partner; it helps me in every part of my life. —Anya

Madeline’s direct, compassionate and insightful direction has been invaluable to me as I start and run my own business. Among other things, I have learned to set clear, attainable goals and move through personal and professional obstacles with confidence and perspective. —Lisa

Working with Madeline has enabled me to explore my own Power in a safe and nurturing environment. I’ve learned to harness that Power and use it toward realizing my potential and personal goals.

In the year that I’ve been working with Madeline, I have dropped 20 pounds, purchased my first home, and become a dedicated Raw Vegan. I cannot remember ever feeling this great and motivated. I feel charged and like I am finally really LIVING my life.

With the tools I’ve acquired under Madeline’s gentle guidance and expertise, I feel ready to and capable of facing any challenges presented while walking the path to my Destiny. —Jackie

I have achieved so much from the high level of coaching I have received. Madeline sets the phone coaching up in a way that always brings me back to "how does that feel in my body." Always rewarded for my thinking self, I fall back to that way of being.

My entire body and presence for others has changed due to her expert assessments. She reaches out over the phone like she is in the room. Her guidance is helping me drill down to what is my purpose, what gifts do I have and how can I make a bigger contribution.

I am continuing to work with Madeline to help me achieve things my thinking self didn't think were possible. I am a much bigger offer in the world because of her coaching and leadership.

Maureen McCarthy
Manager Student Data
Lower Hudson Regional Information Center
(New York State)
Board of Cooperative Educational Services

Working with Madeline has been profound and regenerative. She is not only an incredibly skilled practitioner but she is also the maternal figure I didn't even know that I was missing in my life until I experienced her nurturing presence and touch. I start to cry almost the second I walk in her beautiful little cottage, so grateful for the safe and nurturing space to simultaneously embrace and release the sadness that I've spent so much time in my life judging, tamping down or disregarding. But I always rise up from her table (to the glorious view from her little window) a little bit longer, wider and more grounded. And so far always with a sparkle in my eyes (according to Madeline) and a smile on my face.

I've learned new things about myself and have maintained a commitment to my practices that I am fairly certain I would not have been able to do without the periodic 'push' from Madeline. She is working with me on my commitment to intuition and has lent me a great book about it. And she's invited me to come make art with her, separate from the coaching sessions, as part of my intuition 'work'.

Each session I've taken away what I think of as 'best practices' in coaching that I have incorporated in to my own coaching. I would never have had the courage and intuition to go there with the client without having been on the other end of this kind of work with Madeline.

Comments from Colleagues and Trainees
About Somatic Bodywork with Madeline


"The bodywork was transformative. I felt like a different person afterward. Madeline is a truly gifted somatic bodyworker. I found her presence full of care, compassion, radiance, openness, trust and a deep knowing. I felt her listening on many levels. Her touch was gentle, powerful, inviting, soothing, deep and skillful."

"It was an amazing experience. Madeline helped me feel more grounded and centered. Her assessments were very accurate and will help me build my new self."

"Thank you Madeline for making the opening for me to have taken the gargantuan quantum leap of faith to publicly begin my true work."

"A wonderful experience. I felt held and loved, as well as safe to open to my pain, grief and loss. There were all acknowledged and give a space to breathe."

"Madeline was a wonderful grounded presence that put me at ease and engendered trust. She released a surprisingly dramatic experience that provided a cleansing emotional purge and valuable insights about myself.

"Difficult to explain with words! It was very intense, powerful and gave me the possibility to connect with my inner, vulunerable self in a much easier and fun way. She’s a bliss…."

"Very, Very good, excellent, awesome. Madeline allowed me to feel my body hanging off my skeleton for the first time and I left feeling the power of who I am."

"Fantastic. I love Madeline’s warmth, wisdom, touch, intuition, healing hands and spirit. She is like magic made visible."