Discover Your Personal Strength

Gently, Effectively, Powerfully Through Somatic Coaching


Did you know that many people limp or drag — sometimes literally — through life because they haven't understood how to make their body their ally?

What about you? Are you ready to step into your power and be the offer that you want to be in this world, but something always holds you back?

This may be an unfamiliar concept, but you can make your body an instrument and advocate for change. Your body and what you think of as your "self" are actually interchangeable. So, when you change your body, you change your life!

How somatic coaching can help you

  • Do you want to be on purpose?
  • Do you want to stay focused and centered?
  • Do you want the ability to be present and in your power?
  • Do you want to commit to your future?

I'm sure you do. And the key is to build a body that can hold your passion and purpose!

Somatic coaching is a unique coaching method that works with the body in its wholeness (mind, body, spirit) to support who you want to be and what you want to do. Simply put, a somatic coach works with you to literally reshape your body, which has developed its present form through life experiences.

For many of us, due to early trauma or challenging experiences, our bodies become shaped in a way that actually holds us back.

For example, consider the child who, through a family or peer dynamic (such as hearing, You aren't smart enough), takes on a "safety shape" to survive the onslaught, with head down and shoulders slumped. Now, as an adult, he finds it extremely difficult to openly and authentically face the world. He cannot build passion in his life. But the good news is that by reshaping his body, literally retraining the "self" to hold the head aligned and shoulders back and down, he can become the confident, powerful person he yearns to be.

Remember, the body and self are interchangeable. When you change your body, you change your life.

Do you want to be confident, focused, authentic and successful in executing commitments from a deep sense of value and purpose? My work offers you an opportunity to create new narratives in your life.

Somatic coaching is very gentle but extremely powerful. As a master somatic coach and keen observer, I offer my skills and insight to help you become the offer that you want to be in the world.

Working together we'll discover your personal strength and empower you to be the person you want to be.

"Working with Madeline has been profound and regenerative. She is not only an incredibly skilled practitioner but she is also the maternal figure I didn't even know that I was missing in my life until I experienced her nurturing presence and touch. I start to cry almost the second I walk in her beautiful little cottage, so grateful for the safe and nurturing space to simultaneously embrace and release the sadness that I've spent so much time in my life judging, tamping down or disregarding. But I always rise up from her table (to the glorious view from her little window) a little bit longer, wider and more grounded. And so far always with a sparkle in my eyes (according to Madeline) and a smile on my face.

I've learned new things about myself and have maintained a commitment to my practices that I am fairly certain I would not have been able to do without the periodic 'push' from Madeline. She is working with me on my commitment to intuition and has lent me a great book about it. And she's invited me to come make art with her, separate from the coaching sessions, as part of my intuition 'work'.

Each session I've taken away what I think of as 'best practices' in coaching that I have incorporated in to my own coaching. I would never have had the courage and intuition to go there with the client without having been on the other end of this kind of work with Madeline."

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Madeline Wade trained with somatics pioneer Richard Strozzi-Heckler, PhD, and the Strozzi Institute in Petaluma, California.