SomaMeditation for Change


Listen and follow along as Madeline Wade guides you through this somatic practice.

Find a comfortable spot, maybe where sun pours through the window. Take a few breaths and open the door to your imagination. Feel your body and notice how your body reacts. Take a deep breath and walk through the door. Already change has begun.

The forest is filled with Bay and Eucalyptus trees. Take a breath and smell the air. Straight ahead there is a light that grows brighter as the path moves toward it. The sun is reflecting off a mirrored surface. The path ends and you stand before the Mirror of All Seeing, a mirror that reflects the present moment and who you are right now.

Feel your body. What are you noticing as you stare into the mirror? The Mirror of All Seeing stands in the center of the Labyrinth of Knowing. It is aged and has many flaws; it is older than the mountains to the west, and it has been used for centuries for telling of the life that is to be. Your history is gathered in this mirror and comes forth as gifts to support you in the change you are about to make.

It is time to change. Not a fast, turn-quickly-and-run change, but a slow, eyes-wide-open change. Autumn has come and nature is showing you how it is to change with grace and dignity. The leaves turn slowly from green to gold and then to brown, where they let go and drop without regret to become fodder for the next year’s growth. Is this what you need to do at this time in your life, to allow the change to happen at the right speed? If so, accept it and know that it will support you in growing in the future.

What happens when you say change? What stories come forth? Does it feel valuable for you to change, or does fear approach?

What happens in your body? Does the image disappear from the mirror, or does it become clearer?

When you come upon the Mirror of All Seeing, are you ready for the change that is needed to open the door to possibilities?