SomaMeditation for Resilience

Listen and follow along as Madeline Wade guides you through this somatic practice.

How quickly do you recover or adjust to change? In this practice, I will guide you to become familiar with or recognize what is your resilience and how do you use it to get back up.

Breathe deeply and settle into your back, and feel your spine open and connect with your length. Open your feet, and let your energy drop into the earth like roots. Open the top of your head, and let the energy flow upward into the heavens.

Imagine yourself walking down a path filled with ferns, moss, and roots reaching out to acknowledge your passing. The sun shines in through giant redwoods, lighting the path. Ladybugs gather on the ferns.

Without warning the path begins to narrow and darken. You trip and fall into the earth. What happens in your body as you lie there? Will you lie there forever, able to see only the most miniscule of life? Or will you stand up and keep walking?

What got you up on your feet? Was it your connection to nature, connection to spirit, or connection to your creativity?

As you brush yourself off and continue to walk down the path, take a deep breath and ask yourself, where in my life is resilience required? Where in my life am I in it for the long haul?