SomaNews April 2023

Seeing Light... in Everything


"A blessing is a circle of light drawn around a person to protect, heal and strengthen."
John O’Donohue


I have heard the quote above over and over for years, through music I love that so easily moves me to Spirit.

And it has been a recent blossoming of my body and soul to understand what it means to "see the light in the strangest of places" (Robert Hunter).  Even in the narrowest tunnels, the deepest holes — or being moved by a medicine that you have no control of — there is light.

I am in the process of healing. I recently had surgery. Because it involved my heart, I felt that my heart was speaking to me. My heart was inflamed physically and energetically. Even though I understood the surgery, I had turned my back on my heart, and it was very sad. So as I laid in a hospital bed and had strange tubes pulled from my chest, I began to understand what healing meant: To truly look for the light in everything.

A dear friend who held my hand at the beginning of this walk told me, "No matter what you are doing, be present and do it with love, look for the light, for all that is there, see the light in the circumstance and especially in you." I bow to my friend for that.

As I sit with the medicine I chose, with hospitals and surgery, I hold my heart with great love. I see in the molecular structure of this cure the light in its life. I see the light in the electrical impulses that run through my heart, bringing gifts and challenges of untold wealth. And I see the light in me and in the cells that are constantly moving through me and around me.

I sit and I listen to my body. I hold my hand out for help, and I ask for support when the light begins to dim. The masculine in me steps up and begins to squeeze the bellows so that the light brightens and burns with a beautiful intensity; the feminine in me moves the waters so that it washes over me and I remember how to flow.

No matter where your story is leading you, there is light — in the strangest of places. Move toward the light, ask for help, ask for support, set sacred intention in your own way. Live in your body as though there is no tomorrow, breathe in the energy that feeds you, love yourself unconditionally.

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