SomaNews – August 2011

What Are You Yearning For


Yearning A tender longing

I believe a call has been sounded in the world for us to grow and be more effective to live to our full capacity. When I feel my energy waning, I probe myself to kindle the flames: Where is my fire? What is truly meaningful for me? What are my intentions? What (not who) made me happy today?

One of my wise teachers asked me over and over, “For the sake of What do you do this?” In other words, what is your motivation? We need to connect with something bigger; for example, making a smaller footprint on our beloved earth, having a thriving home for our children to raise their children, or having a healthy lifestyle.

Whenever I get stuck or forget to till my soil or water my garden, it's a signal to remember to take risks, be courageous and learn to laugh at myself!

Recently while in the beloved desert, I sat watching thunderheads grow like giant pillows of whipped cream over the mesas. I could hear the rumbling, and in the distance lightning flashed like giant golden snakes. I wondered what did these thunderclouds yearn for and how did they live to their full capacity?

As the clouds became gray filled with rain, and thunder made the earth tremble, I realized that they wanted to speak in giant voices and flash across the sky with their golden snakes, and pour down upon the Mother Earth the water that is so needed in this dry, arid place. As the wind began to pick up and drops of rain hit my face, I knew that they were living to their full capacity, and in that the earth would flourish.

What can you take a stand for so that what you do flourishes and you are living your full capacity?

Meditation for Taking a Stand

Imagine yourself standing in a circle, and your energy is extending out like rays of light around your body. Your spine begins to open and each vertebra from the bottom of your skull to the end of your tail bone is expanding and softening.

As you breathe, let the top of your head and the bottom of your feet open.

Connect with the heavens (something bigger than all of us) and the earth (the big mama, the mother who loves us unconditionally). Feel this length.

Length is the connection with heaven and earth. It helps us to take a stand for our lives, for what we are here on this planet for. It is our dignity.

Now, enter into the magical place where imagination fills the air. You will find it deep inside of you. Take a deep breath and imagine you’re standing in the warm, moist grass of a summer's day. Feel your feet on the ground. Allow them to connect to the green grass gently blowing over your toes like butterfly wings. Notice if there are any creatures nearby. Welcome these creatures and thank them for joining you today.

Take another deep breath, and as you inhale draw up from the grass a green energy into the bottoms of your feet, pulling the energy up through your legs into your pelvis and flooding your center with green vibrant earth color. As you let your breath out, butterflies and bumble bees appear in front of you. Life is so magical.

Feel your body in this moment. What is relaxing? Where is the energy moving in your body?

As you stand rooted to the Mother Earth, begin to open the top of your head like a enchanted treasure chest opening to let the golden coins of love, wisdom and compassion drop inside. You are now connecting with the heavens, that which is bigger than all of us, which you might call God, Buddha, Heaven or Universe. This beautiful space brings to you a gift of golden energy that runs from the top of your head. Let it flow like warm honey down through your spine, your chest, your arms, and out through your fingers. It fills your center with warm golden light, now blending with the green energy you drew from the Mother Earth.

Take a deep breath, and in this moment feel the deep connection with the heavens and the earth. Start a deeper breath and begin to feel the energy growing and the aliveness in your body. Flowers begin to grow around your feet. Yellow daisies, lavender, roses, daffodils. Begin to breathe in the smells of the flowers that have grown on your path. Allow your spine to lengthen in the aroma of the gifts of nature.

As your breath begins to slow, as golden energy reaches your center, it becomes a root, first a strong taproot brown.and deep. Then more roots begin to move out from the center deep into the earth. They move through the soil, into rock where they keep growing and moving through the hardness of gray stone. They begin to feel the heat and they keep moving down into the center of the Mother. She is always there for you. She can take what you need to release; she can nourish you when you need it.

Feel your roots again and start to drink up the earth energy. Draw it slowly up through the bottoms of your feet. Let the warm darkness enter your body and feel the sensation in your legs as it moves up toward your pelvis. It swirls around your center as your breath begins to slow, and you drop deeply into the moist green grass surrounding your feet. The honey bees are buzzing to remind you of the energy that runs through you now, the birds joyously speaking of your life force as your body continues to relax into the flow of the day.

Breathe into the day. Open your body to the life that surrounds you. Stand tall in your life, and may you walk this path with grace and dignity, self-love, and self-respect.

Staying Lively: Honoring Our Life Teachers

Special Gathering in Collegeville, MN

Friday, September 30, 2011 – Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'm very excited to invite you to join some very incredible people for the weekend of September 30th in a celebration of the many teachers we have encountered on our path through life.

Through heartfelt conversation, deep connection to spirit, and laughter we’ll learn how they’ve shaped and sustained us. We’ll discuss and discover what we want to learn at this time of our lives, and how we can deepen our relationships with those who identify us as teachers.

We'll gather at the beautiful, comfortable and inspiring House of Prayer in Collegeville, Minnesota. The space is intimate yet spacious. Nestled in the woods on the campus of Saint John’s University, the retreat center is conducive to conversation, reflection, silence, and time in nature. We’ll gather for dinner on Friday, September 30th and we will depart after lunch on Sunday.

While in community, we will share our stories and practice deep listening. Rituals will deepen our experience; song will lift our spirits; and wisdom and compassion will be our guides. We will play and laugh. Through somatic practices, we will integrate the wisdom of the mind, body and spirit. Our learning will be embodied. When we leave, we’ll be better able to live our lives more fully, with a keen appreciation of our life teachers and an understanding of how we can be life teachers for others.

Please see flyer for details. I hope you can join us!

I will be doing bodywork in Minneapolis September 28 and 29 before the retreat. If you'd like to set up a session, please contact me.

Madeline Wade
Phone: 707-480-3846