SomaNews – December 2009

Learning Completion


With much gratitude I would like to say thank you for your support and caring during last month’s healing opportunity. I went through some very challenging times, and I feel that I am finally coming to completion of my old story around healing, food and my history.

As I walked out of the facility that was my home for 21 days, I felt that I had finally come to completion of my old story around healing and food. I knew that even though I was done and completion was there, that just ahead of me was a new beginning.

This incredible year is coming to completion. 2009 is now the elder and has left us with wisdom. How do you deal with completion, and do you take wisdom from your experience? For me, I would think about what went wrong instead of what went right. I realized I have a choice. If I am in a body of strength and action somatically, my choice is definitely what went right — what did I learn?

In completing, I had learned 3 major qualities in my life — patience, that I had a choice of being healed, and that my body is sacred and should be treated that way.

In the practice below, reach out toward a new beginning, and with it bring forth the wisdom you have learned as 2009 comes to a completion.

Quick Somatic Practice

Take a deep breath and imagine yourself walking toward a door. Feel your spine open and aligned as a channel that connects you to the sky and earth, your feet firmly on the ground. Take another deep breath and drop your senses down into the center of your body, and move your hand toward the door knob. This door represents what has come to completion for you in this moment in time for 2009.

Take a deep breath and thank your body, your Self, your family, your community for this year. As you begin to open the door, feel your length connecting with the heavens, something bigger than all of us, and dropping that beautiful plumb line through your body and into the earth. What have you learned about taking a stand for your life this year?

Begin to open the door wider. Feel your width — in opening your heart you connect with others; and by looking out into the world you see the bigger picture. What have you learned about family and community in your life and what is your bigger picture for 2010?

Take another deep breath and begin to step through the doorway. Feel your depth — your history behind you, and your future ahead of you. What has 2009 given to you that has supported you in your commitment to life, and what will you take forward into 2010?

Stand in your doorway gathering your learning from 2009, preparing to begin a new year. This is your life. Are you smiling? Stand tall and remember that it is only a short distance between completion and beginning.

Have an incredible, magical December however you choose to celebrate. Celebrate life and its wondrous cycles including completion, and the amazing opportunity we have to live on this beautiful earth that nourishes us.

"Enter the day invigorated with the essence of possibility,
go through it energized
with a sense of purpose and joy
and end it with the serenity of completion."

— Darina Stoyanova