SomaNews – December 2011

Being "In Love"


We are all born for love.
It is the principle of existence, and its only end.
-Benjamin Disreali


We are born to be in love and connection and being held by another human being with the power of grace and dignity.

As we grew up we were taught to have a body that showed loved in different ways. How do you show love? When I speak of love I mean being in a body that shows love, compassion and care. Being “in love” – in other words, doing what you do in love.

I have been in a 34-year relationship in which my beloved and I feel we fall in love more each day. We know this not from the words we speak, but how we are with each other in our day-to-day lives. A gift we give each other is compassion and understanding through listening and opening our hearts when the other is walking a road that is filled with ruts and stones or celebrating life.

Child hugging

A hug when truly expressed is one of the greatest gifts you can give. Watch a small child run up to their mom or dad and press their bodies deeply into the waiting parent, their small arms encompassing them like the rays of sun – that is love.

How do you hug? Are you present and in your body as you draw another into your being? Do you feel them and connect with compassion, and listening for what is enough? Do you speak out your love through your heart and eyes?

How often do you tell your family and friends that you care? Do you take that emotion for granted? How many times have you heard the stories of “I wish I could have held them one more time”?

Meditation for Opening to Being In Love

In this guided meditation we will drop down into our hearts and open to what it is to be “in love” with another human being.

My request is you do this meditation in a place where you will sit in a warm, comfortable place, possibly by a window where the sun can touch your body or near a fireplace. Feel your body connecting with the center of your chest.

Take a deep breath and follow the breath down into your chest. Let your body sink into the softness and hold you like a cocoon. Take another deep breath and imagine your heart opening like a red rose with many petals.

Open like a red roseAs your heart opens, bring someone you love and sit them in the middle of your heart. Feel your body and notice the sensations that fill you as you open that beautiful rose to envelope you and your loved one. Take their hands in yours and look deeply into their eyes, no words, just a deep pool for them to dive into.

Again, feel your body as you connect with them “in love.” Stand and open your arms to invite them in. As they walk into your arms, encircle them with energy that is warm, alive and filled with heart – your heart. As you move them into your body feel what it is to have their cells meet with your cells. Feel their heartbeat against your chest, quiet yourself and listen.

Take a deep breath together and allow the breath to fill you, and as you exhale relax even deeper into the sensations of being “in love.” Look into the eyes of your beloved and express your gratitude for all they are to you. Taking their hand, you step off into the world knowing that this ceremony is a beautiful acknowledgement of intimacy, touch and compassion.

In Love,

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