SomaNews January-February 2018

Love Your Body


Since I last wrote to you, I have walked an incredible road of ups and downs. I went through an amazing two-week detox to jumpstart my healing. I have walked this path many times and have gotten “loads of crap” on my boots. But thanks to my family, friends, community — and myself — I scraped it off and chose a smoother path.

As I stood on this beautiful path and looked into the radiance of the new light I felt in my body, a veil of darkness suddenly swirled around me and landed me in the hospital for five days with pneumonia.

Do you ever ask yourself, What the f#!k?

My body is my temple. My body expresses to me where I am and where I am going.  That is, if I live in it. If it weren’t for this incredible energy of skin, bone and organs, I would not be writing this at this very moment.

Although not always easy, every day I thank my body for what it does to protect me, heal me, and remind me of my humanness. Through ceremony, I honor the encounter each morning brings — awake and feeling myself again. Through ritual, I honor my body that carries me through the day, whether rain or shine.

I have found that if we ignore the body, the body begins to awaken in ways that may or may not offer solace during this path of growth in this lifetime. Aches and pains and our guts and our heart speak to us, and their messages will grow louder if we turn away and ignore them.

So, I have a request. Stand before the mirror of reflection and look at yourself, your body. Thank it for walking you through this day, for breathing, for that beautiful heart beating in rhythm. If there is pain, go there, relax into it, imagine it softening.

No one is perfect, love your body — live in it like there is no tomorrow!

Blue sky – my body is wide
Tree limbs bending in the wind – I am flexible
Clouds floating by – I reach for them creating length
Remembering where I came from,
the present moment and where I might be going –
I feel my depth

A Sample Practice

Does living in your body come naturally? 

My guess is it would not be a resounding, YES!

That includes myself, and I'd like to offer you this practice.

Sit in a quiet comfortable place.

Take some nice deep breaths.

Imagine sitting next to you is you.

Turn and look at that human being, that being who has walked through much to be where you are today.

Offer your hand.

Feel your hand in yours.

Scan your body – sensing your arms, your fingers, your legs, your feet.

Remember, your body is a sacred vessel – it keeps you here to do the “for the sake of what” you are on this planet.

Like tattoos that can’t be easily removed, place words of encouragement – resilience, courage, compassion, gentleness, curiosity – deep into your cells.

See yourself honored and revered. Thank yourself for all the work you have done to bring you to this very moment.

If this practice resonates with you, incorporate it into your life. If you already have a sitting practice, bring this in. Celebrate yourself with this practice 3 or 4 times a week. Your body deserves it.

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