SomaNews – January/February 2014

Rewriting Your Story


Each of us holds extraordinary stories within our bodies.

These stories are created through life experiences, and by ideas passed to us from family, institutions, our culture, and society’s view of race and gender.

Your personal history can lock these stories in your body, often running in a repetitive, circular pattern. The story goes something like this: “I do this thing, and I don’t want to do it anymore. But I keep doing it.” Around and around, the story goes.

We are all born as powerful storytellers. Not only are stories told through written words; our shape and how we move through the world also tells who we are. Your body speaks volumes. How does your body tell your story?

Do you want to tell a new story?

Being human is to connect with one another, and we connect by telling our stories through our bodies.

I believe life is an ongoing story being told by 7 billion people, each with their own unique body. We tell our stories to connect with each other, to support change, to teach, and to share our culture over time and pass along our wisdom. We tell people who we are and what our history is through our bodies.

Lady bugsHow does your body work in the art of telling your story? Look at yourself in a mirror. What does “yes” look like and “no” look like in your body? Many emotions are communicated through the body without ever speaking a word.

Many of you reading this already work through your body, or are beginning a practice where you realize how important it is to include the body. You know that when we begin to bring more length into our lives, a better connection with heaven and earth and more aliveness happens.

With this new energy, we can shift the story that is running in circles into a spiral, where we may come around to the same place but be a different shape, so a different story is created. When we change our body, we change our mood — “our story.”

By this somatic reconditioning (literally reshaping your body), you can bring forward and heal old stories that do not serve you, and thus rewrite your story.

Special Offer

During March and April, I am offering two-hour sessions for $100, in person at my Petaluma office or by phone or Skype. Please get in touch if you are interested!


Phone: (707) 480-3846

Relationship retreat coming this fall

I am happy to announce that my husband, Mark Mooney, and I will be offering a relationship retreat in the fall. I am so excited about working with this incredible man, who I have walked with for 36 years on an adventure of transformation and love.

We will keep you posted as we move forward with this offer.

New book by Richard Strozzi-Heckler, PhD

The Art of Somatic Coaching by Richard Strozzi-HecklerA great book has appeared on the shelves, The Art of Somatic Coaching: Embodying Skillful Action, Wisdom, and Compassion, by my teacher Richard Strozzi-Heckler, PhD.

I recommend that you purchase his book if you have the desire to go deeper in your somatic wisdom.

Available at here.

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About Madeline

Madeline Wade is a certified Master Somatic Coach with a private practice in Petaluma, California.

Madeline Wade - Master Somatic CoachAs a master coach, she helps people increase their effectiveness and unlock their potential by integrating intellectual, emotional and physical components into embodied practices. In her work as a deeply-experienced Strozzi bodyworker, she supports clients in overcoming historical patterns to build a self that can gracefully face change.

Madeline has studied for 15 years at the Strozzi Institute and has more than 25 years of business experience.