SomaNews June 2017

The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself


Treasure and nourish your body,
for it is the only one given to you this go around


A Question


Isn’t it amazing to think about how our bodies begin?

We come from small specks of energy, formed in a beautiful, warm, feminine vessel. We grow, we float, we expand, and then we move forward into the earthly plane. Fresh, anew, a beginning of a lifetime.

And we know that someday our miraculous life will end.... yet:

How do you live fully in a body that you know is going to die?

Pretty abrupt question, huh?

Recently I was given the opportunity to “wake up” through a challenging experience. Though not life-threatening, it was serious. I walked into the world of modern Western medicine with eyes wide open. I spent four days lying prone, looking up into faces I did not know, and wondering what would be next. My family was there with me physically and in Spirit, and my mortality stood face to face with me.

With my diaphragm in contraction, I could not take a deep breath. My body yearned to feel the breath that had supported me many times in the contractions of my life. I had to let go and be and love where I was in that moment.

Soooo, here I stand now, knowing that my body is going to give way to Spirit. When, I don’t know. But I can still choose how to move through this world. I can insist that one day, someday I will start taking better care of myself. Or, I can choose to walk through life now with more self-love.

I believe that loving ourselves is the greatest gift we can give to the person we see in the mirror every day. When my days on this amazing planet come to a close, I want to go knowing that I truly loved myself.

I don’t want to disrespect this grand opportunity called life. Yes, we are human and we will crisscross the path, fall off the edge on occasion, and forget who we are. But the great gift is that we can pick ourselves up, realign, take our place in this amazing world, stand tall — and with love and care, continue on our journey.

Let's make choices that nourish our precious lives. Truly live in our bodies. Hold our skin, bones, muscles, and organs with a sense of deep awe.

May we always respect, honor and love this incredible creation!


An Invitation to Refresh, Renew, Recommit

It is challenging to do a good job of being fully alive; seeing the body as a sacred vessel that allows us to be here, hug one another, look each other in the eye, feel a baby’s cheek next to yours.

To be honest, I’ve let myself go on numerous occasions, and I’ve brought myself back from the brink, at first through fear not love. Not compassion; not self-care, but fear. Fear of being called names, fear of not being seen, fear of dying — and topped off with a big bushel of shame.

Can you relate?

You may know that I offer personalized, one-on-one workshops at my home in Petaluma. This is a time to deeply explore what matters to you most and discover best ways to create and support what you desire.

You may want to take better care of yourself, practice more self-love or compassion, make healthy choices... whatever you choose.

As a powerful reminder of your new commitment, you'll be given the opportunity to create a representative anchor or symbol such as a staff, shield, spirit box, necklace, or collage.

Sound interesting? I'd love to work one-on-one with you! Please see details on my site here.

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