SomaNews – March 2015

Light in the Strangest of Places


"A blessing is a circle of light drawn around a person
to protect, heal and strengthen."
―John O'Donohue


You get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

I have heard this over and over for many years, through the music I love that moves me to Spirit so easily. But it has been a recent blossoming of my soul to understand what it really means to see the light in the strangest of places. Even in the narrowest tunnels, the deepest holes or being moved by a medicine that you have no control of, there is light.

I am in the process of curing myself. Yes, that is right, and I am speaking this out to the world to hear. I am doing it – curing myself – by seeing the light in the strangest of places.

I have a dear brother who held my hand at the beginning of this walk who told me, "No matter what you are doing, do it with love for all that is there, see the Spirit in the circumstance and especially in you." I bow to him for that.

So as I sit with the medicine, I hold it with great love. I see in the molecular structure of this tiny cure the Spirit of its life, and I see the Spirit in the virus that ran through my blood, bringing gifts and challenges of untold wealth. And I see the Spirit in me and in the cells that are constantly moving through me and around me.

I sit and I listen. I hold my hand out for help, and I ask for support when the light begins to dim. The masculine steps up and begins to squeeze the bellows so that the light brightens and burns with a beautiful intensity; the feminine moves the waters so that it washes over me and I remember how to flow.

So no matter where your story is leading you, there is light in the strangest of places. Move toward the light, ask for help, ask for support, set sacred intention in your own way.

Light is not about the brightness but the clarity you bring - Madeline Wade

Somatic Work for Couples

Along with my work with individuals, I also partner with my husband, Mark Mooney, to work with couples to help their strengthen relationships. To give you a taste of this powerful work using somatics, we are happy to extend an offer for a complimentary 1-hour session via telephone or at our home office in Petaluma.

HeartsIn our work together with you, we take a look at what's working and not working in your relationship conversations, habits and behaviors. From these insights, we can focus on ways to redesign and refine your relationship into your vision of what is possible.

Areas to address may include:

  • Creating more connection, intimacy, and fun in your relationship
  • Laying the ground and practices for a thriving, long-term partnership
  • Developing new habits and patterns

Interested? Please contact us at or We'd love to explore working with you.

On the Road Again

My work takes me to many places around the country. I feel so blessed to meet wonderful new people and to visit long-time friends and clients.

I'll be going to Minnesota, Ojai, and the Washington DC area again this year, and I'll keep you posted when I know the dates.

If you'd be interested in bringing me to your conference, workshop or other event to provide somatic bodywork, let's talk!