SomaNews October 2022

Love Your Body, Thank Your Body


"Speak to your body
in a loving way. It's the
only one you've got,
it's your home, and it
deserves your respect."


Our bodies are the road map of our life. Our bodies do not lie. Our bodies hold our stories. Our bodies are our history.

Our bodies are a sacred vessel that carries us through this incredible story called life.

Let's make choices that nourish our precious bodies. Truly live in our bodies. Hold our skin, bones, muscles, and organs with a sense of deep awe.

Let’s look at our bodies through the lens of somatics. Strength in the somatic world is not how much you can lift, but how you can flow through an experience. Author L.R. Knost reminds us, “Remember, true strength is not found in the stone, but in the water that shapes the stone.” Her quote becomes even more meaningful when you consider your body is about 60% water.

I have found that if we ignore the body, the body begins to awaken in ways that may or may not offer solace. Aches and pains and our guts and our heart speak to us, and their messages will grow louder if we turn away and ignore them.

So, I have a request. Stand before the mirror of reflection and look at yourself, your body. Thank it for walking you through this day, for breathing, for that beautiful heart beating in rhythm. If there is pain, go there, relax into it, imagine it softening.

No one is perfect, love your body — live in it like there is no tomorrow!

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