A sampling of feedback


This newsletter is great. It was inspirational and provided a larger experience from your larger living. It’s great that you are doing the half-day experiences that I think will provide a deeper and fuller experience for folks. Either way I look forward to sharing the information with others that may be interested in your offerings.

How wonderful this edition of your SomaNews was! I so enjoyed it I had to shoot you an email right away. I love seeing your empowerment and your determination to do your work in the world. You move with such grace my friend, you are an inspiration!

Just wonderfully written, revealed, and spoken, Madeline! I'm sure you'll get a great response to this voice.

Great post Madeline... I enjoy your writing.

Your website and your offers keep growing and deepening all the time. Many blessings on your expanding horizons.

I especially enjoyed your newsletter essay on lives not lived. An old friend was over Saturday. He just lost his job and while this is stressful for him and he will have to find another before too long, he's not sorry or really upset. Moving into our 60s makes these things easier to handle, I think, because of our deeper perspective on life. He said that in all other ways, he is as content with his life as he's ever been and wouldn't change a thing. I feel the same way. The life I am living is the one I want.

I really love the look and feel of your newsletter 🙂

I love your poem and I love more that you wrote and shared it with everyone who receives SomaNews.

I look forward to reading about Bella.

Love your courage.

Just wanted to say I loved what you wrote. I feel you down here in the South Bay.

Balance and blend of soft and strong, masterful work indeed. Thank you for this, Madeline. Love love.