Feedback about Somatic Bodywork with Madeline

The bodywork was transformative. I felt like a different person afterward. Madeline is a truly gifted somatic bodyworker. I found her presence full of care, compassion, radiance, openness, trust and a deep knowing. I felt her listening on many levels. Her touch was gentle, powerful, inviting, soothing, deep and skillful.

Fantastic. I love Madeline’s warmth, wisdom, touch, intuition, healing hands and spirit. She is like magic made visible.

It was an amazing experience. Madeline helped me feel more grounded and centered. Her assessments were very accurate and will help me build my new self.

Thank you Madeline for making the opening for me to have taken the gargantuan quantum leap of faith to publicly begin my true work.

A wonderful experience. I felt held and loved, as well as safe to open to my pain, grief and loss. There were all acknowledged and give a space to breathe.

Madeline was a wonderful grounded presence that put me at ease and engendered trust. She released a surprisingly dramatic experience that provided a cleansing emotional purge and valuable insights about myself.

Difficult to explain with words! It was very intense, powerful and gave me the possibility to connect with my inner, vulnerable self in a much easier and fun way. She’s a bliss….

Very, Very good, excellent, awesome. Madeline allowed me to feel my body hanging off my skeleton for the first time and I left feeling the power of who I am.